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Keyguard Break Glass Keyboxes

The Hoyles Keyguard is not your average emergency access key box it has been designed with safety as well as security in mind. The Keyguard can take both keys, access control cards and even proximity fobs. Available as a simple key storage box, battery powered with audible alarm or simply as a single pole micro switch making it suitable for connection to other alarm systems providing notification that keys have been accessed.

Unlike traditional Break Glass Keyboxes the window of the Keyguard Emergency Key Box is manufactured in such a way that it cannot be reused or refitted once it has been removed. We offer packs of four Keyguard plastic windows to enable reuse of the key box once the original plastic window has been removed.

Please contact us for more details on Keyguard emergency access key boxes. Call 01744 886600 or email us at sales@hoyles.com.

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