This 12 Zone Hybrid panel was custom designed for Wolverhampton based Atec Security to cater for Affray calls of different types.

Ten of the twelve zone alarms being generated by mushroom headed pushbuttons, the remaining two zones being generated by Dado Panic Strip.

Mushroom pushbutton calls would provide an audible and visual indication on the panel, the alarm conditions being available to be Silenced and Reset at the panel.

Dado Panic Strip zones had dedicated Redimon boards housed within the panel. The Dado strip zones where allocated 2x led’s to indicate zone alarm (Red Led) and Dado Strip Status (Tri-Colour Led). Using the Redimon boards within the panel allows us to indicate a ‘Healthy’, ‘Fault’ and ‘Alarm’ status via a Tri-Colour led. Thus providing the panel operative an ‘at a glance’ Strip status indication as well as alarm indication.