The request from our customer was for a 2 Zone Cell Call System consisting of Cell Call Pushbutton Plates, Cell Reset Pushbutton Plates, overdoor indicator plates and a surface mount Annunciator panel.


The system was required to be designed as a true 2 zone system and thus even though 6 zones of electronics where available in the panel only 2 where indicated as specified by the customer.


The operation of the system followed a general Cell Call system with no software modification required:


When a ‘Cell Call’ condition is detected, the Annunciator Panel Red led for the relevant zone illuminates as a fast flash, and the integral panel buzzer sounds. Pressing the panel silence pushbutton causes the buzzer to silence and any alarm zone LEDs to illuminate steady. Any further ‘Cell Call’ conditions will restart the buzzer and cause the relevant LED to illuminate as a fast flash. Pressing the reset pushbutton (on the Cell ‘Reset Plate’) will extinguish the respective zone LED whose input must no longer be in a ‘call’ condition. The presence of one ‘Call’ condition does not prevent subsequent ‘Call’ conditions from being indicated.