30 Zone Multiguard Annunciator


Two 30 zone panels (1x Master and 1x Repeater) designed and manufactured for ADT Fire & Security.

The design brief stated a requirement for a 30 zone Multiguard annunciator in the operating style of the standard MG212. The reason for not using the standard equipment was aesthetic as it would take 5 standard Multiguard panels to achieve the operation at both the Master and Repeater stations.

Basing the system on our standard MG212 style operation a 30 zone Master panel was manufactured having global Silence / Reset Pushbuttons, on this occasion no remote indication was required away from the panel thus no Multiguard driver or Relay boards where fitted.

The Master panel was to be used to indicate Personal Attack conditions, the customer decided to have the facia left blank allowing them to label up on site at a later date.

A Repeater panel was also manufactured to look and operate in exactly the same manner as the Master panel.

Both panels were manufactured for Surface mounting. We believe the panels where set to be used by Darlington borough council.