Two 6 zone panels designed and manufactured for a bespoke Fire and Security company.

The design brief stated a requirement for indications for 6 zones to be shown in two positions with the ability to have individual zone control over an incoming alarm and the option of individual zone isolation. 

Basing the system on our standard MG216 style operation a 6 zone Master panel was manufactured having an independent zone ‘Silence/Reset’ pushbutton for each zone and a 2-position keyswitch to govern zone Isolation.

A second panel was manufactured to look identical to the Master panel but with the absence of an Isolation keyswitch.

The lack of a keyswitch on the secondary panel ensured that Isolation of a zone could only be achieved at the Master panel, however, zone alarms could be silenced/reset from either panel.

Aesthetically both panels were fitted with oversized Matt Aluminium facias allowing them to be Flush mounted.