Two 24 zone panels (1x Master and 1x Repeater) designed and manufactured for Cell Security.

The design brief stated a requirement for a 24 zone Multiguard Hybrid annunciator in the operating style of the standard MG212. The reason for not using the standard equipment was aesthetic as it would take 4 standard Multiguard panels to achieve the operation at both the Master and Repeater stations.


Basing the system on our standard MG212 style operation a 24 zone Hybrid Master panel was manufactured. The panel was designed as 2x separate 12 way panels within a single enclosure. 12 zones where allocated to Bedroom calls where the Call could be Silenced at the panel but had to be Reset at the point of Call. The remaining 12 zones catered for other rooms where the generated call could be both Silenced and Reset from the panel. On this occasion remote indication was required away from the panel thus Multiguard driver boards where fitted within the Master panel.


A Repeater panel was also manufactured to look and operate in exactly the same manner as the Master panel.


Both panels were manufactured for Surface mounting. We believe the panels where set to be used in an Airport.