A 24 zone panel designed and manufactured for Chubb Fire & Security Ltd.

The design brief stated a requirement for a 24 zone Multiguard annunciator in the operating style of the standard MG212.

The reason for not using the standard equipment was aesthetic as the panel was required to be fitted into the security offices of Harrods. A Powder Coated finish to RAL 8019 was requested to match up to existing equipment within the security office with the engraved text to be filled Red.


Basing the system on our standard MG212 style operation a 24 zone Master panel was manufactured having a global Silence / Acknowledge Pushbutton. Remote indications where not required on this occasion thus no driver or relay output boards where fitted.


The Panel was designed to be used with Latching P/A pushbuttons which where key Reset style. The operator would be able to Silence/Acknowledge a generated call with the call then automatically clearing upon the cause of the alarm being cleared.


The panel was manufactured for Surface mounting.