Firefighters are essential to public safety. They put out fires and rescue people from dangerous situations. A firefighter is constantly at risk, not only from fire but also from exposure to many other job-related hazards.

 A firefighter is at a higher risk of cancer. This is because of the various chemicals and toxins that are associated with smoke. These substances can either be absorbed directly into the skin or can enter the body through inhalation.

 Inevitably, a firefighter always runs the risk of being burnt. A burn may seem small, but it can still be very serious or even fatal, especially if the firefighter gets trapped inside a burning building. Smoke inhalation is another significant risk and can easily overwhelm a firefighter if their equipment overwhelms them.

 Firefighters must often enter burning buildings where floors, roofs and stairways can collapse under them without warning. If this happens, the firefighter runs the risk of serious injury.  Firefighters are also at risk when they use ladders to reach trapped victims.

 Security guards also put themselves at risk throughout their day-to-day jobs. Many people see security guards standing around department stores, patrolling the floors, but they very rarely think about the dangers that their job entails.

 Security guards must be alert and vigilant at all times. First and foremost, their job is to protect the building they're patrolling from any dangers whatsoever. If they miss something or fail to notice something important, then the consequences could be devastating for themselves and those around them.

 People who work in security risk personal injury in their jobs. If they fail to restrain somebody in time then they (or others) can be severely hurt or injured. Protecting the public can sometimes mean carrying an armed weapon. Security guards who carry guns whilst they are on duty may feel safer, but they also have a greater responsibility. Whenever a gun is being carried there is always a risk for death. Either the security guard could face death or an innocent bystander could get hurt. You really never know what could happen when weapons are in the equation.

 In order to reduce the risk factors for both firefighters and security guards, then up-to-date training should be given frequently. Training programs are constantly being reshaped and there are always new developments when it comes to learning new ways of working. There are many jobs that come with risks. These are inevitable and cannot always be avoided completely. However, as long as people are thoroughly trained and carry out their duties to the best of their ability, then they will minimise the risk of potential dangers.