A hurricane, storm or even a strong wind, all have the ability to cause damage your home or car. It goes without saying that in times like this, your first priority must be your own safety. Your possessions are simple, material things no matter how important/expensive they are. Your insurance should cover you for lost or damaged items. This is why it is so important to ask what your insurance covers and what are considered as ‘Acts of God.’

Your insurance should talk you through the whole of your policy and what is/isn’t covered. It might be that you need extra comprehensive insurance. You can’t control everything in life, which is why you need to protect yourself against ‘Acts of God’. If you have valid insurance, then most damage from these acts can be rectified. However, different insurance have various definitions when it comes to ‘Acts of God’. With car insurance, an “Act of God” is usually any nature-related event that causes an accident (hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes). The same applies to damage in your home such as floods or fires.

The best way for you to ensure you are protected is to talk to your insurance company and make sure you have comprehensive insurance. You will need to get exact details on what you are covered for, as some people don’t realise this until it’s too late. This can result in a loss of money along with irreplaceable damage. Also be aware that while you may consider floods and storms as ‘Acts of God’, your insurance company might not unless you have a separate policy in place. So, whatever catastrophe you’re dealing with, you need to know your policy. It is crucial to know what your insurance company considers to be ‘Acts of God’. This way you can be absolutely certain that the insurance you choose covers you in any situation. It is always better to consider the worst and be prepared for anything. That way, you can gain partial control over things you cannot control. Never leave it until it’s too late. Check your policies today and make sure you are one step ahead.