Crime against businesses is nothing new. And the results can be devastating. The loss of stock, equipment and valuable time can be crippling and devastate a business.

So if you’re a business owner, these tips will help protect you from crime whether you’re a one-man band, SME or larger corporation.

  • Keep keys safe. Never leave them lying around and give them to members of staff who you trust. Spares can be given to security companies too for out-of-hours emergencies.
  • Fit CCTV and keep it in good working order. This can help you in the vent of a burglary and could reduce your insurance.
  • Install an alarm system that’s registered with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB).
  • Security lighting can act as a deterrent to criminals. Position lights around your premises and rig them up to sensors that detect movement. Also set up internal lights on timed monitors too so potential burglars think someone is still inside.
  • Lock all doors and windows when you’re out of the premises and lock all valuables away out of sight. Update locks if they’re not up to current security standards.
  • Don’t leave large amounts of cash around and be careful when you take it to the bank. Determined criminals might watch you to understand your movements so vary the time of day when you cash up. Position your tills and computers away from the doors to make it more difficult for opportunists.
  • Make your office, workshop or factory look as secure as possible. Visible alarm, lights and locks will make criminals think twice about trying to break into your premises.
  • Cybercrime is on the increase too so don’t neglect your IT. Install and regularly anti-virus software, be on the lookout for malicious emails and use a secure platform for your website and online payment system.

Whatever precautions you take to minimise crime against your business, you need to install everything correctly. Only ever use equipment for the purpose it’s designed for and are fitted properly. Use firms with a good reputation and make sure you know how everything works so you and your staff are safe.