A career in fire and safety can be very rewarding. Keeping people and property safe gives you a great feeling and sense of achievement – something to get out of bed for in the morning if you like. There’s a host of industries and areas you can work in too, with a range of skills and expertise needed.

So, if you’re thinking of a career in fire and security, let’s see what you need so you know if it’s right for you.

As with most jobs, you’ll need a passion for what you do. You’ll need to be able to show your enthusiasm to the public when dealing with them, and be able to talk at length about fire and safety. When business owners or home owners engage someone to look after their fire and safety, they want to know whoever’s doing it will have their best interests at heart and really know their stuff. And that starts with being passionate.

Next is a thorough knowledge of what you do. The fire and safety industry is heavily regulated. You’ll be dealing with people’s lives and livelihoods so it’s important you understand what that entails. There are strict rules you must adhere to that change constantly, so you need to be able to understand complex paperwork and interpret it.  This can often be a challenge, so if you enjoy overcoming challenges and having a job where things are different every day, this will come in handy.

In a nutshell, the attributes and qualities you’ll need to succeed in a career in fire and security are great communication skills, superb team work, adaptability, passion, results focussed, and sound business judgement. Most of the careers in fire and safety are manual and could require lifting of equipment, so you’ll need to be physically fit. Some of the environments you encounter will be difficult to work in too.

Fire and safety is bigger than ever and it’s a really exciting time to join the industry, so if you’ve got all the traits mentioned, and like the sound of a career in this field, why not give it a try?