13 Zone Cell Call System


The request from our customer was for a 13 Zone Cell Call System consisting of Cell Call Pushbutton Plates, Cell Reset Pushbutton Plates, a console style Master panel and a surface mount Repeater panel.


The system was required to be designed to replace an existing set of old units which had been in situ for some time.


To try and use as many of the original fittings as possible the Cell Plates and Master Console panel were designed to specific dimensions supplied by our customer.


After looking through the dimension detail supplied it was decided that the Console Master panel required a separate control/psu enclosure as it was not feasible to fit the required amount of electronics within the allocated space for the Console Facia.


The operation of the system followed a general Cell Call system, however, on this occasion it had been requested the Repeater panel be a visual indicator only with no pushbuttons fitted thus no control over any indications at the Repeater panel.