Is anything more important than that feeling of knowing everything is safe and secure?


Be it home or work, we all like knowing that a place we consider vital to our lives is protected. Unfortunately, a lot can happen that is out of our control. Fire, burglary, panic, smoke and all manner of events can happen inside a building we hold as important. That’s why investing in some high quality security and safety measures can put your mind at ease.


Something that should come to mind first when talking about security is the front door. Or any door in fact. If someone can get in or out through it, put an alarm on it.


A door security system is step one when it comes to protection. Whether it’s for staff coming into a building, carers coming to see service users, dog walkers picking up the dog or to protect your home from intruders, a door security system can create a solution for door opening alerting.


But how does a door alarm work? How is it going to keep everything I want safe, safe?


There are several types of door alarm products on offer to you. All have different features for different security needs.


A door alarm can do many things, even just having one on show can be a little intimidating to potential burglars or pests, but having specific features can make choosing your door alarm to fit your needs, a lot easier.


An example is a door held open alarm. This is a great device if your building has a lot of people going in and out, such as waiters going to and from the kitchen, obviously these doors shouldn’t be left open for extended periods of time and if this should ever happen, a door held open alarm would sound to let you know the door is still open.


Another example is in the interest of safety where emergency exit doors are concerned. Misuse of emergency doors can be an issue in almost every building that has one, having an Exitguard alarm can deter anyone who is thinking to take the shorter route. An integral high power sounder will activate when the door is opened, allowing everyone in vicinity to be aware that there has been a breach, immediately letting those who can solve it know that something has happened.  These often can be controlled by a key, diminishing the threat of allowing just anyone to just disable the alarm.


There are many other situations that require a door security system, and it is with little doubt, that you won’t be able to find one to suit your door.