These days, it is hard to tell what’s going to happen in the future. Modern technology is beginning to disrupt a lot of established industries and many individual jobs are being destroyed or taken over completely. This is a rather common occurrence and is a traditional part of life. For example, tractors and other devices have eliminated a lot of traditional farm jobs, cars have replaced horse drawn carriages and these days, smartphone apps are currently a threat to the taxi and hotel industries. The world as a whole can be chaotic, but so far the future looks good for those in the safety and security sectors (such as security guards). So why is that?

In short, it is because the valuable role of a security guard can’t be mimicked or replaced by something computerised. Certain careers, such as barbering and waitressing, perform a service that has to be done in person individually. Despite massive changes in technology, it still takes an individual person to take a tray of food to a table, cut someone’s hair or indeed, guard a property or department store.

 With safety and security, there will always be a place for smart, alert workers who are dedicated to protecting their environment and the people around them. Also, it is highly unlikely that the future will provide new technologies such as security robots. They may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean the elimination of human security guards. After all, as stated before, the role of a security guard needs to be completed in person, rather than by a machine.

There are lots of pathways into the safety and security sectors for the aspiring young people of today. Some positions offer training-on-the-job, but if a person wants to continue their education, then they could complete college/university courses in criminal justice/management. So, all in all, there is a definitely a bright future ahead for people in the safety and security sectors and we can definitely expect to see more safety and security positions become available within the next decade, which will provide a lot of opportunity for ambitious, disciplined people with eyes on their future.