Cracking the fire safety and security industry doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you’re starting straight from school or making a career change, you just need a plan. Knowledge, enthusiasm, skills and connections are the key to finding a good company to work for in the fire safety and security industry. Here are just a few tips to help you on your career path…


Keep updated

Keeping on top of current affairs in the fire and security industry is the best when to start when it comes to getting your foot in the door. Reading fire safety and security news is a great way to learn about the industry, what to expect on the job and the consequences if a job isn’t completed properly. Fire safety and security news stories are a fantastic way to build a foundation of knowledge. It’s also particularly impressive for potential employers if you’re interviewed for a fire safety job and you can mention current events happening in the industry. It shows you’re enthusiastic and eager to learn.


Networking at Events

Attending fire safety and security industry events can be a goldmine for those of you looking for employment in this sector. It’s an amazing way to learn about new developments in the industry and familiarise yourself with the latest products and technology. Events are also the perfect chance to get tips and advice from experienced industry professionals. All the best fire safety and security companies will most probably attend and they’ll be on hand to discuss your career plans, which skills you need and even information on who is currently hiring. And there’s always the chance to grab a goodie bag on your way out!


Get the right training

There are plenty of courses on fire safety and security. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of the industry, it’ll look fantastic on your CV. Enrolling on a course demonstrates to potential fire safety and security employers that you’re serious about the industry and you’re prepared to learn all there is to learn. Visit and take a look at what they have on offer. The FIA cover everything from fire assessment to fire detection design. Choose from bespoke training packages to replacement certificates – there really is something for everyone from beginner to pro. Fire safety and security courses are held throughout the year all over the UK.


Tailor your CV

Once you’ve got all the relevant qualifications and skills, as well as targeted which companies you want to apply to work for, you’ll need to tailor your CV. Don’t just send out a generic CV to all the employers. It’s a great idea to create bespoke CVs for each company. This involves reading each job description carefully and taking note of all the qualities they’re looking for. Your CV is your chance to demonstrate how you fulfil the job specification. For example, if the job description says the company wants “an active team-player” then make sure you mention that in your CV.