The Holiday Season is a happy time that we enjoy with our friends and family. But it is also a prime time for bad things to happen in our home. Here are some of the dangers and tips on how to avoid a devastating Christmas.

  • A burglar's dream: The Christmas holidays is one of the most busiest times for burglars. If one thing is certain, it is that most homes will have a lot of expensive toys, gadgets, jewellery etc. in them over Christmas. This means that burglars will be taking bigger risks than they normally would, because the prize is better. This is not only devastating because your home may be damaged and possessions and presents may be taken, but it is a danger to the people in your home. So, make sure to the security is extra tight during the holidays. Lock doors at day, as well as during the night. Make sure the windows, and all fixtures and fittings are safe and tight. Keep door keys away from the front door. Getting an alarm fitted may also be a good idea.
  • Home Alone: During Christmas a lot of people spend time at other peoples' houses. And burglars know it. Keeping valuable things out of sight is a good idea, so nobody would be tempted to enter. Don't leave wrapped presents under the tree in sight. Again, keep all doors locked and windows closed. It may also be a good idea to tell neighbours if you are going away, especially if it is for a long time. Then they may be able to keep an eye on the house, and if they see anybody trying to get in, they will know it's not you. You could also ask somebody to collect your mail. Also, try to make it look like somebody is home, like setting the lights. Don't post on social media that you are going away!
  • Fairy light frenzy: Although lighting your home with lots of fairy lights is pretty and festive, it's not a good idea to overload your home with them. Don't put too many in one place, and don't overload one plug socket, this could be a fire risk. Remember to turn them off when you leave the house or go to bed. Also, Christmas trees can catch fire so don't keep them close to any open flames.
  • Insurance: Insurance may not be the first thing on your Christmas to-do list, but it is important. You need to make sure you are fully covered by your home insurance policy. Also, with many extra presents in your house you may have to make your contents insurance higher.
  • Slippery: On cold winter nights it can get very slippery, and if you are living somewhere it might snow, it can be worse. Make sure you clear the snow and lay gravel on any slippery parts. This is for your own safety, and also to let burglars know someone is home!
  • Safety for children: Christmas is a very exciting time for children, so it is extra important to make sure to take precautions so it's not ruined for them. Only buy certified toys and look at the label for what age group it is suitable for. Don't leave small pieces that can be choking hazards lying around. One example of this are the small toys inside crackers. Remove small things and wrapping paper that can cause someone to fall (especially down the stairs).