One of the most devastating things that can happen is a fire erupting. Not only can our precious belongings go up in flames, but it can mean loss of life. The fire can erupt suddenly and mean that we lose our homes and families. The same goes for theft. When it comes to stealing things, and breaking into peoples' homes, there are no limits to the lengths people go.

We can't feel safe in our homes unless we feel protected from theft. Without the correct prevention methods any stranger can break into our homes, causing danger to the people inside, but also can mean our belongings will disappear.

In our society we are extremely preoccupied with technology, and we are all very busy. A lot of people don't have time to unplug the charger from the socket, or leave our phones charging on the bed. It can be as simple as falling asleep with a cigarette in your hand, leaving the hob or oven on, or leaving clothes to dry on the radiator. For example, this means that not only will the charger and your phone be destroyed, but the fire could spread to the entire house and ruin everything in it.

In addition, it is very important to keep our personal, sensitive information safe. Most of us have our whole lives recorded on our phones and laptops, which may not only be important to us, but dangerous to business if sensitive information is leaked. A lot of sensitive information from businesses are kept on laptops because of new security functions. This may not always be difficult for a thief to crack, but also may be devastating to lose.

A fire could cost businesses worldwide millions in property damage, but not only that. Then you have to add the loss of market share, jobs, compensation if someone gets hurt and the loss of revenue from the business being gone.

Without the appropriate security measures everyone is susceptible to theft. There are groups that are particular in the danger zone, for example students. Burglars tend to view them as easy targets. They are forgetful, and often live in houses where more students live. This means they often develop a "someone else will do it" mentality, for example when locking the door. This means it is especially important for students to protect their belongings. Elderly people can also be seen as easy targets.

Businesses and companies often have a lot of valuable items and money stored in them. This could be devastating to the company to lose, and also endanger the lives of the people working there. An example of this is an armed burglar trying to break into a supermarket. They may not only steal things from the shop, but cause damage like breaking a window.

The most important thing when it comes to fire and theft is to prevent it from happening.