Regardless of the scale of your business, fire can be a devastating force, laying waste to what you’ve built up and endangering employees. Most deaths and injuries that occur as a result of a fire are caused not by the heat and flames, but smoke and toxic gases released into the air. Your assets are at further risk from security breaches and without taking the right preventative measures, you may be at risk of burglary. The importance of having the right fire and security systems installed therefore cannot be understated, and yet these systems are often neglected until a problem occurs. Don’t put your people or your business in danger, and install the correct systems now to protect yourself from potential disaster.

Fire alarms

When most people think of fire safety systems, they think of fire alarms, but there are many types of fire alarms to consider. Manual call points, typically placed on escape routes, are designed to allow people to manually raise the alarm in case of a fire. There are also automated “L” and “P” systems which come in different categories depending on their placement, and are designed to protect life and property respectively.

Fire extinguishers

There are also many types of fire extinguishers to consider, each colour coded and designed with a different use in mind. The UK fire classification system recognises six types of fire, and the type of fire will determine which type of extinguisher should be used. Ensure your employees are fully aware of the types of fires that may occur in your business and the correct procedure to deal with them.

Fire safety equipment

Fire safety equipment should also be installed to further protect your people. Fire blankets are ideal for catering areas and designed to smother fire, whilst fire safety signs inform employees of relevant assembly points, fire exits and safety procedures.

Security systems

Security systems also incorporate a large variety of equipment to protect your business. Contact sensors can be placed on entry points to trigger an alarm system. These can be further supported by motion sensors and even anti-theft fog and strobe machines, reducing visibility and confusing any would-be burglars.

Any one of these products could be the one to prevent a lawsuit, loss of life or seeing what you’ve worked so hard for burned to the ground. Invest in the correct fire and security prevention products now so that if disaster strikes, catastrophe can be avoided.