When it comes to keeping a cleanroom fully protected, it’s essential to have a good security system in place. However, due to costs and the fact that technology is constantly changing, it can sometimes seem easier to stick with what you know and it can even feel off-putting to change your systems. But when the cost of inefficient or outdated security systems begin to outweigh the cost of upgrading, you know that it’s time for a change.

 If false alarms are suddenly a common occurrence, it’s time to analyse your alarm system. If the solution to your problem requires more than a little tweak to your current system, then you may want to consider an upgrade. With outdated technology (for example, analog signals used in old motion detectors) false alarms are more to be due to a low signal. Digital motion detectors can resolve this problem by removing noise and saturation from the signal. This will result in higher levels of accuracy and fewer false alarms.

 Just like having a clean driving license, improving the safety and security of your cleanroom can help you cut down on insurance costs. High premiums might be an indicator that your cleanroom is suffering from an unusually high exposure to risk, or that your security system isn’t quite up to scratch. Installing a brand new safety or security system won’t automatically guarantee a reduction in costs, but most insurers may provide you a discount for making an effort to reduce risks in the workplace. However, it’s always good to talk to your insurance provider before you invest in a new safety or security system.

 When your current system starts to become too high maintenance, it’s usually a good idea to start afresh. Knowing when to cut your losses on an old and inefficient system can be tough, but can also be necessary – especially If you find yourself investing more and more into its general maintenance.

Fortunately, these days, many modern solutions are not only easy to install and use, they’re also durable and low maintenance. For example, changing to drill- and pick-resistant locks can save your business money on repair and replacement.

 If a cleanroom is an integral part of your business then it’s important that you protect it by installing the most effective safety and security systems possible.