shared bathroom solution


Two into One will go!


Hoyles Shared Bathroom Solution has been designed to allow architects and developers of public buildings, residential homes, student accommodation and hospitals to save both space and costs. The desirability to have en-suite facilities for each bedroom in many different buildings, places burden in terms of the cost and space within the build.


An effective use of space in any building is to share a bathroom between two bedrooms. Each bedroom becomes en-suite without the need to purchase two sets of sanitary ware, not to mention the savings on installation time costs and cleaning plus the floor space that would be required for two separate bathrooms.


The main problems associated with sharing a bathroom are privacy, security and safety. Hoyles shared bathroom solutions address each of these as required and can also offer comprehensive features including advanced call facilities for emergency, extended occupancy and door propped indication.


TS-Uk Ltd have installed many such systems within their prestigious client base. Terry Lawrence, Managing Director of TS-Uk Ltd says “Hoyles Shared Bathroom Solution allows us to provide our customers with a cost effective solution allowing savings in both space and installation time. Hoyles technical knowledge and ability to solve the most complex of door interlocking problems leads us back to them time and again.”

Terry Lawrence  Managing Director  TS-Uk Ltd