In an ideal world, employers shouldn't have to worry about losing staff to their competitors because if they have created an appealing work environment then their staff won't want to leave. However, different things strike a chord to different people and the attraction of another company could potentially lure your employees away. Never fear though, because there are certain steps that can be taken in order to keep your workers happy and encourage them to stay:

  • Development - Constantly developing your staff and giving them opportunities to increase their knowledge will allow them to become masters in their field. This will result in an engaged workforce and will make them less likely to get itchy feet.
  • Purpose - Make sure your employees know and understand their purpose and how they fit into the organisation. This will make your staff feel valued and help them to know their worth. 
  • Culture - Ensure that the culture of your organisation is promoted to your employees by making sure your visions, aims and values are all clearly defined. This will engage your staff and make them see how they fit into the organisation.
  • Incentive - Give your employees a reason to want you as their boss. Offer praise/promotion wherever possible or even give an annual bonus. Have a clear progression route in place so your staff know exactly what steps to tale in order to climb the ladder.

You also need to be aware that other companies similar to your own might be on the hunt for potential employees. These companies will be fully aware that most of the talent is already in employment, so will not think twice about poaching your staff. Therefore, it's important to know how your competitors are seeking out fresh blood and to always be one step ahead. If they are promoting their business through social media then you need to do the same. Also, remember that people can be lulled into a false sense of security, but the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side. Make sure your employees feel secure and that you are offering them a good salary that is in line with today's market, along with competitive benefits and perks. That way, their faith is less likely to waver and cause them to look elsewhere. Loosing your staff to other competitors isn't always a bad thing - it could provide you with the opportunity to find a more dedicated, passionate worker - but it is always best to ensure you are putting maximum effort into keeping your staff happy.