There are numerable threats to modern businesses, ranging in scale of both likelihood and severity. The impact of these threats may be small, or incredibly damaging. Here are a few examples of what threats lie are out there today, and what you can do to ensure your business withstands them.

Property damage and stock loss can be minimised by implementing thorough stock check/inventories; and by correctly installing access control systems, you reduce the window of opportunity for any would-be thieves or saboteurs. Interlocking door systems, commonly used in prisons and banks, close off any quick access routes to restricted areas. By allowing movement through only one door at a time in a two-doored passage, movement between areas is kept slow and deliberate, keeping people where they should be, and out of where they shouldn't.

Business interruption is another major threat to businesses. It is a good idea to develop within your business various risk management plans for an effective response to potential natural disasters, arson attacks or accidental fires. Install fire safety systems, fire extinguishers, fire doors and blankets to make sure that in the event something does happen, the impact to your business is minimal.

Employee injury is another threat to modern businesses, both in sickness pay and time. The most common causes of injury are improper health and safety procedures, so there is an obvious need for correct signage indicating slip hazards, fire exits and assembly points. Employee wellbeing is further at risk from unsavoury customers who may physically or verbally attack them; here, security systems deter anyone who may be targeting your business or your staff.

Electronic data breaches also threaten your business, and while the main method of protection is firewalls and other electronic shields, the importance of sensible real-world security systems around your network cannot be understated.

Fire safety and security systems work together to act in prevention of the unthinkable; to keep you, your staff and your business safe.