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Custom Design

Hoyles are the UK’s leading supplier of custom designed control and indication equipment. We are confident we can meet the requirements of your most demanding clients, such as Financial Services, Retail, Police Forces, Courts, Military Installations, Aerospace, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Sites, etc. Working with yourselves and your clients, our team will design a system that meets exact requirements in terms of both functionality and appearance. Projects are undertaken for both UK and overseas clients all designed and manufactured at our UK factory within the scope of our ISO9001:2015 accreditation.

Typical projects

  • Indicator Panels
  • Complex door interlocking
  • Sequence control
  • Door Status Systems
  • Micro Controller Systems
  • Cell Call & Affray Systems
  • Knock-Wait-Enter
  • Set/Unset Systems
  • Panic alarms
  • Bespoke products

Indicator Panels

General indicator panels designed and manufactured to your clients specifications for virtually any application. Systems can include standard or custom control electronics or may simply be provided just with LED’s, push buttons, sounders etc for your own use.
Indicator panels


Complex door interlocking

Complex door interlocking 
Beyond our standard door interlocking products, we have vast experience in creating door interlocking solutions to create compliance with site specific rules in demanding environments such as cash handling and pharmaceuticals. Projects typically use items of our standard hardware together with bespoke software to achieve the required functionality. This approach helps keep the total time from specification to delivery to a minimum. Where existing hardware cannot meet the requirements bespoke hardware can also be designed and manufactured.


Other bespoke products

Sometimes a standard product does quite do what you need. We accept this as a challenge and regularly modify standard products to comply with specific requirements. We can also create products from scratch just for you. All of these items can be very simple or complex, whatever is required.
 Other bespoke products


Desk Mounted Indicators

A common requirement in control rooms etc, custom desk mounted indicators and control panels can be designed and built for any application.
Desk mounted indicators


Detention Cell Door Lock Controller

Designed for a military installation, this rack mount system provides at-a-glance status indication of cell door locks as well as the ability to control each individual lock. An emergency lock down facility ensures all cell doors are locked at the press of one button.
Detention cell door lock controller


Deluge Control Panel

The control panel opposite was designed for Cooper Menvier, one of the UK’s leading fire alarm installation companies. Standard off-the-shelf equipment did not exist that would give the necessary range of functionality required by the client, a power station. Under certain conditions it had to be possible to rapidly deluge an area to quickly arrest the spread of fire. For both operational and safety reasons the process could not be entirely automatic. Because of the high value and mission critical nature of the site any false activations had to be avoided at all costs. Bespoke software in PIC microcontrollers was used to achieve a reliable and simple to operate system.
Deluge control panel


Multiple Door Lock Controller

This 11 door lock controller was custom designed for a major security company to meet the requirements of one of their high profile financial sector customers. The controller enables the operator to select one of three preset door status scenarios, preview the function of the selected scenario on the mimic display and then initiate the scenario via the integrated security keypad. The controller is also integrated with access control systems at the site.
Multiple door lock controller


Language Options

We can supply equipment in any language. Simply supply us with the text you require and we will do the rest. See an Arabic example opposite.
Language options