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Quality Policy

SGS ISO 9001 LogoThe Directors of the Company are committed to the operation and maintenance of a Quality Management System, to ensure this, the Quality Policy of the company is communicated to all levels, a fundamental part of which is the education, training and involvement of all personnel, who are responsible for the quality of their own work. The quality of all products, whether manufactured within the Company or obtained from an outside vendor, is controlled at all points to ensure the early and prompt detection of actual and potential deficiencies, trends or conditions which would lead to unsatisfactory quality and so enable the Company to take corrective action which is both timely and effective.

It is the objective of Hoyles Electronic Developments, through the communication of this policy and the Quality System in place, to improve upon process / product performance to further enhance customer satisfaction.

Company safety, fire regulations, product safety, statutory requirements, and user safety, take precedence over all Quality System Procedures. Where there is a problem in this respect, reference should be made immediately to the immediate supervisor, Quality Manager or Company Director.

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