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Entryguard is a trademark of Hoyles. Engaged Wait Enter systems are often required for rooms such as consulting rooms, meeting rooms and interview rooms. 

Commonly known as Knock Wait Enter, Entryguard systems are vital for rooms in which important, confidential or personal information is being discussed or personal examinations are taking place. Using a system like Entryguard can prevent private information being heard or someone feeling uncomfortable during a medical examination. 

After selling numerous different custom solutions over the years, we decided the ongoing demand indicated a need for an off the shelf product - leading to the design and development of the Entryguard. 

These days, as an Engaged Wait Enter manufacturer, we provide fully featured Entryguard privacy systems with additional features for visitor access control, reception calls and emergency calls. 

Provided with a visitor call button with LEDs to indicate room status, the Entryguard control panel allows the occupant of the room to respond to requests to enter and indicate if the room is engaged to the caller. Control of an electronic door lock to restrict access is also incorporated. 

If you require further information about the work we perform as Knock Wait Enter system   suppliers, then do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 01744 886600. You can also contact us by emailing sales@hoyles.com.

Entryguard Engaged Wait Enter Kit

Product Option #: EWE100K

Entryguard Call Button

Product Option #: S1625P