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Entryguard is a trademark of Hoyles Electronic Developments 

Engaged Wait Enter systems are often required for rooms such as consulting rooms, meeting rooms and interview rooms. Historically Hoyles’ customers have required such systems and selling numerous different custom solutions over the years Hoyles decided the ongoing demand indicated a need for an off the shelf product and has lead them to design and develop the Entryguard.

Entryguard is a fully featured Engaged Wait Enter privacy system with additional features for visitor access control, reception call and emergency call.

Provided with a visitor call button with LEDs to indicate room status and to indicate that entry is permitted, the Entryguard control panel allows the occupant of the room to respond to requests to enter and indicate the engaged status of the room or meeting/interview to the caller.

Control of an electronic door lock to restrict access is also incorporated.

Entryguard Engaged Wait Enter Kit

Product Option #: EWE100K

Entryguard Call Button

Product Option #: S1625P