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Interguard is a trademark of Hoyles Electronic Developments... 

Due to many years of in-depth experience, designing and manufacturing products for leading security, fire and access control installers, Hoyles’ are widely known as the industries “go-to” supplier for solutions to more unusual requirements. Door interlocks, sometimes known as airlocks, are just one of those less “run of the mill” requirements. Approached many years ago by a customer to create a door interlocking system to control two doors, Hoyles’ soon designed a simple circuit involving the cross wiring of a number of its infamous relay modules, such that when one of the doors was opened the other could not be opened.

Further projects of this nature continued, often increasing in the complexity of the requirements. It soon became clear that bespoke designs like this were not flexible and were potentially fraught with issues when different engineers came to work on the systems at a later date. Having made the leap from discrete logic into the world of software driven micro controllers for many of its products; Hoyles’ soon realised that the use of micro controllers was the obvious choice to create door interlocking products.

The Interguard range of products was born, with standard controllers capable of interlocking anything from 2 to 8 doors in virtually any combinations imaginable. Systems with more than 8 doors are easily catered for with customised versions of standard equipment. Hoyles’ have developed an un-paralleled expertise in the design and manufacture of door interlock controllers.

The philosophy of interlocking employed by Hoyles makes for straight forward installation of systems, and easy to understand wiring. It also enables many different forms of doors or access control devices to be interlocked together, e.g. powered doors, sliding doors, roller shutters, traffic bollards etc. Integration with practically any access control systems is also catered for. Hoyles’ Interguard range of door interlocking equipment is now commonly specified in several industry sectors including, banking, cash handling, retail, government, custodial, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical and healthcare.