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Hoyles are widely known as the industries ‘go-to’ firm when customers require in-depth experience in the designing and manufacturing of door interlock products.

The Interguard range is a trademark of the company. As a door airlock manufacturer, we supply standard controllers capable of interlocking anything from 2 to 8 doors, in virtually any combination imaginable. 

Systems with more than 8 doors are easily catered for with customised versions of our standard equipment. 

We have developed an unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of the Interguard system. The way we design interlocking systems makes for straight forward installation and easy to understand wiring. It also enables many different forms of doors or access control devices to be interlocked together. We can interlock powered doors, sliding doors, roller shutters and traffic bollards. In our role as an door interlock supplier we can integrate with practically any access control system.

Our range is perfect for use in several sectors such as banking, cash handling, retail, government, custodial, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical and healthcare. For more details you can contact us  by calling 01744 886600 or by emailing sales@hoyles.com.