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Traditional ‘Break Glass’ key boxes have been used for many years to provide easy access to a key that may be required in an emergency situation. While these boxes perform a function, they simply do not provide a modern, safe solution for emergency access to keys and other key related hardware such as access control cards and fobs.

Keyguard is a trademark of Hoyles and this range provides a safe way to access keys needed in an emergency. All products in the collection can store keys, access control cards and even proximity fobs. The clear ABS plastic window affords visibility of the box contents and is very safe to use.

The exceptional level of safety provided by Keyguard boxes enables them to be used in places like schools, food preparation areas and swimming pools. With Keyguard, a small window is easily removed by hand without the need for a hammer and there are no shards of glass or sharp edges left behind that could cause injury. 

Each window only has a lifespan of one use therefore a new window must be fitted when replacing the key. Our three different models are available in two colour options which make the Keyguard visible and relevant to the situations in which it may be used.

Other features include:

  • The standard version with no alarm or switch.
  • A version with an integral battery powered audible alarm. If any attempt is made to remove the plastic window then the alarm is sounded.
  • A version fitted with a single pole changeover contact micro-switch. This version allows for connection to other alarm systems to provide notification that keys have been accessed.

If you would like to learn more about the Keyguard range please contact us via email at sales@hoyles.com or by calling 01744 886600.

Keyguard emergency access key box- Red

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