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Hoyles were one of the very first manufacturers in the UK to design and market an emergency assistance alarm specifically for use in disabled access toilets. Initially these alarms were basic in nature, but soon developed into fully featured systems, offering great benefits to their users.

The first Hoyles Aidalarm was marketed in the late 1980’s.

Disabled Toilet Alarms, as these systems are known are designed to enable a person in distress in a disabled access toilet or bathroom, to summon assistance.

A pull cord or a panic strip located within easy reach inside the toilet or bathroom area can be activated by the user. An alarm is generated on the Aidalarm panel to notify staff that assistance is required. Within the toilet area a buzzer and LEDs operate to reassure the user that help is on its way. Aidalarm disabled toilet alarm kits are now offered for individual WC’s, powered by batteries or mains. A “multi-zone” system is also available which provides centralised indication of alarms from multiple disabled access toilets.

All systems include all of the required features to allow building managers to comply with the requirements of BS8300 and the Disability Discrimination Act.

All systems meet the requirements for emergency signalling systems for disabled persons and is fully compliant with BS8300 and the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.