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In the early 1980’s, Neil Hoyle one of Hoyles’ founders identified a requirement for an alarm device for the protection of fire exit doors.  The requirement arose due to a conflict between building fire and security officers. On one hand the fire officer needed to make sure that fire exits were always easily available for use in the event of an emergency, but on the other the security officer was keen to ensure that emergency exit doors were not misused.

Hoyles’ soon developed the first fire exit door alarm system – Exitguard.

Due to Hoyles’ strong background in developing and manufacturing products for the fire and security industries, even the first versions of Exitguard featured industry standard functions such as tamper alarm and battery low warnings.

Hoyles’ Exitguard was quickly identified by both local and national fire and security installers as the default solution to the very real problem of protecting emergency exit doors. Success for Exitguard in the UK soon lead to demand from customers in Europe, the Middle East and the wider world. 

Since the original product was conceived, the Exitguard fire exit door alarm system has been continually developed, with numerous features incorporated and several different variants made available. Different models now exist offering control by either key-switch or keypad as well as the ability to be powered by batteries, 12vdc or mains. Inputs and outputs allow for seamless integration of Exitguard’s with virtually any other security or fire system including Hoyles’ Multiguard indicator panels.   

Typical applications include:

  • Fire exit door alarm – the alarm activates as soon as a door is opened with manual or auto reset
  • Door held open alarm – the alarm activates if the door is open for more than a preset time
  • Door chime – the alarm simply chimes when the door is opened

Exitguard’s many functions can also be combined to form a really comprehensive door alarm solution.

The various Exitguard models are used in many applications across diverse industries; supermarkets and other retail outlets, hotels, sports centres, hospitals and other medical facilities, offices and industrial premises, government, military, financial services and many more.

Exitguard is a registered trademark of Hoyles Electronic Developments Ltd.

Exitguard door alarm with integral keyswitch - Red

Product Option #'s:

EX104R, EX105R, EX106R

Exitguard door alarm with integral Keypad control

Product Option #'s:

EX204, EX205, EX206

Exitguard door alarm with integral keyswitch - Green

Product Option #'s:

EX104G, EX105G, EX106G