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Multiguard is a trademark of Hoyles Electronic Developments... 

For more than 30 years Hoyles have been producing a range of multipurpose alarm indicator panels, sometimes referred to as annunciator panels, under the trademark of Multiguard. Driven by demand form Hoyles’ key customers, local, national and international security installers, the Multiguard range was designed to provide “at a glance” indication of various types of alarm conditions.

Over the years the popularity of Multiguard indicator panels has been maintained due to the simple and clear user interface provided.

Typically located in a control room or at a reception desk, Multiguard indicator panels can display alarms from doors, windows, perimeter systems, panic buttons, disabled toilets, nurse call alarms, environmental alarms, pool alarms as well as many other sources.

Alarms are indicated by means of LED lights which correspond to a particular zone labelled on the panel, and a buzzer within the panel to draw attention to the alarm. The buzzer can be silenced by means of a push button on the panel. Once the buzzer is silenced the LED light will persist until the cause of the alarm is rectified and the reset button pressed.

Currently Multiguard systems are available in various standard guises offering different features. The main difference between models is the ability to have individual zone silence and reset functions rather than a global silence and reset.

As well as the standard Multiguard indicator panels available, Hoyles can also custom build Multiguard based indicator panels to customers’ specific requirements. These custom versions usually involve larger numbers of zones and/or specific physical finishes to suit the environments in which they will be used, e.g. Stainless steel enclosures for custodial settings or polished brass for a more traditional look. In addition Hoyles can write custom software for the Multiguard to perform to more unusual specific site requirements.


Multiguard 6 way indicator with individual zone reset

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Multiguard 6 way indicator with global reset

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